light tunnel south pole
santa south pole
Jack in the car south pole
peace on earth south pole
flight school south pole
warren car in tunnel

We are a drive-thru Holiday light experience, Located at 1604 and Judson Rd! 


We are proud to announce that the MAJORITY of our lights and displays are from American-owned companies!


The South Pole is owned and operated by Warren and Andrea Faris. We are a husband and wife team who wanted to bring holiday joy to San Antonio, Tx. Everything you see is purchased, built, and designed by us, we are NOT a sponsored event. 


We wanted to create an experience for the whole family to enjoy! We have displays ranging from what our grandparents would have enjoyed during their holidays, to the latest technology of RBG lights and sounds, and everything in between! 


We have programmed music throughout the park so you can enjoy themed music with the displays and lights! 



We turned on the lights for the first time in 2022, the smiling faces, great reviews, and the excitment for everyone who visited will have us coming back year after year with more lights, more displays, and someting new every year!     

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